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The New Room

Hello Everyone! The NYAC is “Resetting for the journey”. It has been a difficult year for appointments of clergy. In the conference there are many small churches and not enough pastors. They were shy by 40 positions. In order to cover all the churches, we are now in Co-op Parishes. Our parish is called the New Room. It is a single unit consisting of 5 campuses sharing 3 pastors. The 5 campuses (churches) are East Berlin, Kensington, Meriden First, Middletown First and South Meriden Trinity. Rev Ric Hanse will be the lead pastor with Rev Chinma Uche and Rev Barbara Marks joining him. This means you are able to go to whichever campus and pastor that you relate to the best. Because we are sharing pastors, there will be a change in the time that East Berlin meets on Sunday. Our new start time is 9 am. EB, Kensington and Meriden First will all be starting a 9, Middletown will start at 10 and South Meriden Trinity at 10:15. We are now a single unit. All campuses will be sharing ministry, administration and strengths. We will be able to do more, reach more through ministry and grow by coming together and sharing our strengths. The strength of each one will be combined to become something great. There will be Q&A sessions beginning next week. All 3 pastors will be there to answer any questions that you may have. Please attend at least one. If you find you have more questions, attend another. There will even be a zoom for people that can’t make it to one of the campuses. Here is the schedule for the Q&A Tuesday 5 July 6:30pm East Berlin Campus Wednesday 6 July 6:30pm First Meriden Campus Thursday 7 July 10:00am First Middletown Campus Saturday 9 July 6:00pm Kensington Campus Sunday 10 July 11:30am South Meriden Trinity Campus Zoom Q & A - Info and Link forthcoming.

Let’s see what we can do together!

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