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News from our Charge Conference



On Thursday evening members of our East Berlin UMC Family gathered at the East Berlin Campus parking lot for a Charge Conference with District Superintendent Sylvester. The purpose of the Conference was to decide the future of the East Berlin UMC Campus.

After opening worship by Pastor Chinma and a ratification of the legality of the meeting, District Superintendent Sylvester received a report from Pastor Ric on the spiritual life of the church, who noted that worship attendance at the 28 August service enjoyed record attendance, and that people had worked hard to discern God’s will and prepare their spirits for this important Charge Conference. Next, Trustees President Gary Brennan gave a report detailing the options for ensuring that the building (which has been severely damaged by fire) would survive winter.

The Charge Conference members voted unanimously not to close the East Berlin UMC Campus of the New Room and turn it over to the Annual Conference.

The Charge Conference then decided to winterize the building by replacing the roof structure, sealing the front against leaks and draining the heating system. Monies received from the insurance company will pay for the work.

The work that lies ahead for us as the East Berlin Campus of New Room involves crafting a ministry plan and submitting three bids to the District Committee on Building and Location.

Jesus is doing something new through our East Berlin Campus. Because we are the New Room, each campus is an integral part of all our lives. Together we will work with Jesus to make our East Berlin Campus a shining beacon of God’s love that enables people to come alive in Jesus!



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