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Berlin Fair a Success!

A BIG thank you to everyone that helped us, prayed for us or came to our booth at the fair! The weekend turned out to have beautiful weather and everyone was so excited to be at the fair this year. Many people complimented our fritters as being the best they ever had.

This year had it's issues. One fryolator wouldn't stay lit at one point - we got it fixed so it would work for the weekend. Half the building had a power outage - still able to sell what was made and the cash register still worked, and power was fully restored in a short amount of time. We tried accepting credit cards and worked through the kinks of using something new. Some people couldn't work at the fair as in previous years and we found people willing to step up and made new friends in the process.

When we put our faith in God, we find that He helps us to pull through our challenges. Let us remember to also thank Him for all that He does for us.

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