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Re-opening our church

All of us would love to get back into our church. And we are so close to being there. We were trying for this Sunday but between a little technology issue for online service and the weather we are expecting this Sunday, we have decided to wait another week. I don’t think any of us want to be in the church with hot, humid weather and wearing a face mask! So this Sunday we will be on zoom again.

Next week 7-26-2020 is Pastor Cleave's last Sunday with us before he moves to Jesse Lee UMC in Easton. He would love to see everyone one last time before he goes. We hope that all of you will feel comfortable to come to our church on that day.

The next week 8-2-2020 we will be welcoming our new pastor Jeremiah Paul. We are sharing him with South Meriden Trinity UMC so everything has not been worked out yet. We will let you know what time our service will be.

Until we meet again - Stay cool!

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