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Berlin Fair Cancelled!! OH NO!!

As many of you already know, the Berlin Fair has been cancelled for this year. What??? No apple fritters??

Look how sad our booth looks with no people around it...

Yes, this affects us. It is our biggest fund raiser of the year. Now we have to be more creative to keep our little church going.

Our income from the offerings has been down too since we are not meeting in church. Please remember that we have operating expenses even thought are church is not opened. The utilities still have to be paid. The pastor still has to be paid. Please consider sending a check to EBUMC, PO Box 265, East Berlin, CT 06023

Another way to give is to pledge to the Birdies for Charities. This is tied in to the Travelers Championship. Many of you received a letter in the mail about this. This is a great way to give! When you donate an amount through the Birdies, they give us 115% back! I can not think of another thing that gives you that kind of return! The deadline for donating is June 28, 2020.

With everyone's help, we will make it through this.

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