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I've been trying to add info and ideas we can use to worship and pray to our Lord while we are away from our church as we get closer to Easter. Please see new links on the home page in yellow.

"Sunday service" brings you to our service that we have on Zoom on Sunday morning at 10:30. Please join us!

"Joys and Concerns" brings you to our list of joys and concerns that were brought up during our Sunday service. If there are other joys or concerns you would like listed, please contact me through the "Contact Us" page.

"Bible Readings" brings you to some suggestions to read from your Bible.

"Lectionary readings" lists the reading suggested for now through Easter. Grab your Bible and let's read the story of the Holiest Week in the Church.

"Bible Study" brings you to info to join in on Zoom on Tuesday evening at 7 pm for a weekly Bible study with Pastor Cleave.

Any ideas to add to our website is greatly appreciated. Please use the "Contact us" page.

Stay safe, Stay Healthy!

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