When you juxtapse David's Psalms to the present day Christian, the need is the same.

Psalms to read when you are feeling....



If you are feeling fearful...read Pslams 56, 91 or 23


If you are feeling discouraged...read Psalm 42


If you are feeling lonely...read Psalms 71 or 62


If you are feeling oppressed because you have sinned and need forgivemess...read Psalm 51


If you are worried or anxious...read Psalms 37 or 73


If you are angry and upset...read Psalms 58 or 13


If you are resentful...read Psalms 94 or 77


If you are happy...read Psalms 92 or 66


If you are feeling forsaken...read Psalm 88


If your faith is beginning to waver...read Psalm 119