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We have a little something for everyone.  At East Berlin United Methodist Church, we believe our faith is about how we live in the world on a daily basis.  We believe in serving God and our community through love.



Interested in continuing the prayer we do on Sunday?  Our Sunday Bulletin has all the people and things we're praying for as a community inside.  Praying for these people and situations during the week, is a great way to stay connected.    

Elders / Seniors


All of our activities are created so seniors/elders can be active participants.  If you have questions about accessibility, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Sunday School


Children and youth are a welcome addition to our services.  However, if you feel you need a nursery, we do have one available.






We invite you to share your musical talents with us. We also welcome your suggestions for musical concerts you would like to see. 

Community Service


Our service to the community is ongoing, through food drives and clothing drives.  As part of the United Methodist Connection, we encourage our members to participate in volunteer projects in other communities.  

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