Joys and Concerns

Joys from 1-9-2022

No ice this morning

Tom's birthday

Concerns from 1-9-2022

Uche's friend Zanib and family with covid

All affected by covid

Amy and family with covid

safety with ice storm

Joys from 1-2-2022

For all who traveled over the holidays safely

Happy New Year 2022!

Pastor thanks for gift

Pat D home

Concerns from 1-2-2022

Doreen's brother and wife with covid

All affected by covid


Johnson family

Pat D

Joys from 12-26-2021

Many of our past pastors wish us Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Concerns from 12-26-2021

Pat D

Mike's daughter tested positive for covid

All who's lives are affected by covid

Travel mercies to all traveling on roads, flights

Joys from 12-19-2021

Val and her new job

Tracy doing better

Kathy's birthday

Sylvie doing well and Andy in Congo

Smiley feeling better

Concerns from 12-19-2021

Deb's friend Chris on ventilator from covid and friends are testing positive



Hetzel family

Mike P after foot surgery

Gary's sis having surgery

Joys from 12-12-2021

Ruth's friend Pat is doing better

Dottie doing well

For everyone doing well today

Concerns from 12-12-2021

Orrin's passing

Hetzel family with Mark's passing

Doreen's cousin Susan in hospital

Tornado victims

Tim's friend that died

Tracy with family concerns

Prayers for healing for Julie

Pat D

Joys from 12-5-2021

Successful Bazaar

All the help at the bazaar

Passed health inspection

Thanks to Tom for decorating church

Concerns from 12-5-2021

Pat D

Ruth's friend Pat now gallbladder

Deb's friend Cathy broke hip

Pastor Ahn's son hit while jogging

Deb's sister-in-law Patty

Ken with ulcer on foot

​Joys from 11-28-2021

Tom's Aunt Pat is home

Kathy's cousin Joe able to move foot slightly

Concerns from 11-28-2021

Uche not feeling well

Tom's Aunt Pat

Ruth's friend Pat in and out of hospital

Zakim not feeling well

Joys from 11-14-2021

Pastor's grandson was in hospital but now home

Jane and Ed visiting us today

Jane and Ed seeing their grandchildren

Concerns from 11-14-2021

Keeping Smiley and mom in prayer

Tom's aunt and uncle

Doreen with mother's paperwork

Joys from 11-7-2021

Pastor's son Chib joining us

  First time home in 2 years

Concerns from 11-7-2021

Tom's Aunt Pat still in rehab

Ruth having surgery on nose

Joys from 10-31-2021

Pat D results were negative

Thanks to North UMC for being here

Zakim went to school

Charge Conference went well

Nice service at FUMC Middletown

Concerns from 10-31-2021

Ruth's friend Pat had surgery

Tom's Aunt Pat still in rehab

Deb's cousin Dory's family

Bishop family

Halloween safety for trick or treaters