Joys and Concerns

Joys from 1-3-2021

Tom's Aunt Pat doing well after surgery

Doreen is doing well

Pat's friend Debbie going back to work at end of Jan.

Deb & Gary's relative recovering from Covid

Concerns from 1-3-2021

Workers and residents of convalescent homes

Our Country

Paul's daughter Bernadette working front line


Peggy - loss of husband

Joys from 12-27-2020

Merry Christmas!

Nice Christmas Eve service

Jeremiah and Melissa celebrating anniversary

Concerns from 12-27-2020

Doreen having procedure this week

Tom's Aunt Pat having surgery

Gail with rare disease

Rikki and her 2 boys

Prayers for our President, our country

Prayers for pandemic, vaccine

Joys from 12-20-2020

Gary's birthday today

Vaccine coming

Concerns from 12-20-2020

Boris family

Our country



Joys from 12-13-2020

Thanks to Deb for painting figurines

Thanks to Tom for setting up nativity

Kathy's birthday

Deb thanks friend Deb for being there for her

Thanks for all on line today

Nice to see Orrin

Concerns from 12-13-2020

Pat's friend Deb C. with back surgery

Prayers for Doreen 9 yr old friend with covid

Our country

Deb's friend in Philippines working in hospital

Danielle's family in Columbia

Prayers for all church members

Vaccine coming

Joys from 12-6-2020

Thanks to Tom & Tim for work around church

Thanks for not much snow

Bette B 90th birthday

Food Baskets for town

Nativity figures restored by Deb

Concerns from 12-06-2020

Travel mercies for Danielle’s family to Columbia

Prayers for end to Covid

Pat’s son in Italy

Brennan family

Our Country

Joys from 11-29-2020

Deb gives thanks to Pastor Jeremiah

Melissa happy to see grandmother on zoom

Michele's R birthday

Concerns from 11-29-2020

Deb's friend who lost daughter Carrie Ann

Julie A's mother Bev fell

Deb and family


Seniors at colleges and high schools

Rise is covid

Joys from 11-22-2020

Beautiful day and Service for Helen

Pastor and his wife Thank our little church for all it does

Concerns from 11-22-2020

Brennan family with lost of Helen

Prezkopski family with lost of father

Wendy & Paul Adamowicz daughter died

Mike P mother with covid

Julie A sister with covid

Traveling mercies at Thanksgiving time

Students coming home from colleges

Joys from 11-15-2020

Seeing Deb and Gary online

Jeff's B. birthday

Thanks from Deb

Doreen home


Concerns from 11-15-2020

Brennan family with Helen's passing

Ron P,'s father

Ashley and new baby

Our country - pray for right things to happen


Charlotte with decisions on new job










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