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Joys and Concerns

Joys from 4-3-2022

No one injured in fire

Thanks for the one who called in the fire

Thanks for all the firemen from all the towns

Thanks for all the volunteers

Thanks for what was saved

Thanks for other churches reaching out

Thankful parsonage not damaged

Concerns form 4-3-2022

Rebuilding our church

Liam having back surgery

Doreen staying well

Pat D in hospital



food crisis

Joys from 3-27-2022

Smiley home from hospital

Everything went well at FUMC with pastor

Great turnout for Prayer Service

Nice having Mayor and police chief for Prayer Service

Doreen's birthday

Tim's birthday

Concerns from 3-27-2022


Pat D

Mj and John


Joys from 3-20-2022

Pastor Ric here for pulpit exchange

Michelle doing better

Pat and Ruth had nice talk

Dot doing well

Concerns from 3-20-2022


Ruth's friend Pat

Pat D



Joys from 3-13-2022

Doreen here

Smiley out of ICU

Concerns from 3-13-2022

Smiley still in hospital but out of ICU

Liam having major back surgery in April

Chinma's mother


Joys from 3-6-2022

Emily home for Spring break

Steve's non profit moving forward

Concerns from 3-6-2022

Michelle's neighbor Tim with cancer

Michelle's arm

Uche's sister's husband passed away

Ukraine and all the refugees

Steve interviewing for new job

Pray that God touches Putin's heart

Tom and Kathy


John and Mj


Joys from 3-2-2022

Carla retired

Concerns from 3-2-2022

Ukraine and Russia

John and Mj


Joys from 2-27-2022

Ruth's friend Pat doing well

Joel helping us with the snow

Concerns from 2-27-2022


Joys from 2-20-2022

Doreen's grandson will be 10

Cindy doing well and back to worlk

Concerns from 2-20-2022

Ruth's friend Pat recovering from surgery


John and Mj

Queen of England with covid

Joys from 2-13-2022

Nice weather on Saturday

Chinedum found her way home

Smiley doing well

Concerns from 2-13-2022

Deb's friend's mother Ann

Everyone dealing with the snow

Prayers for the World leaders

Peace in Ukraine

Super Bowl goes okay

Olympics go okay

Joys from 2-6-2022

Kathy's friend Carla picked date to retire

Thanks to Tom and Pat with sump pump issue

Concerns from 2-6-2022

Ruth' friend Pat in Yale for another heart operation


Carla's family

Deb's friend Ann's mother

Debbie with surgery

Miss Smiley at church



































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