Joys and Concerns


Joys from 9-12

Orrin doing better

Berlin Fair coming

Booth looking good

Concerns from 9-12

Doreen in hospital


Berlin Fair

9-11 and people still suffering from lost ones


Deb’s friend having hard times

Joys from 9-5

Jane and Ed are grandparents again

Thanks for bringing us thru the storms

Thanks for accidents where people were okay

Concerns from 9-5

Tim’s foot

car and motorcycle accidents

storm damage

People in NY/NJ affected from the storm

Prayers for our world

Prayers for leaders in the world

Joys from 8-29

Schools are starting

Wed prayer time

Fair booth looking good

beautiful days

Deb’s neighbor had beautiful service for their daughter

Concerns from 8-29

Our world

Leaders of the world

Cindy with delta covid

school starting

Deb’s neighbor with loss of daughter

Joys from 8-22

Tom’s uncle home from hospital again

Mike doing well

Thanks to Tom for all he does at church

Thanks to Tom and Pat for work done at fair ground

Concerns from 8-22





Bob having surgery

Deb’s friend whose family lost member but were able to donate organs

Pat’s concerns with covid vaccine

Joys from 8-15

Doreen safely home

Tom’s uncle home from hospital

David and Val have birthdays

Last week’s singers

Deb seeing friend Deb in Boston

Good health

Concerns from 8-15


Kathy’s cousin Joe

Bob going for heart surgery

Glen Famil

Mike surgery


Berlin Fair

Joys from 8-8

Our Celebration today of our members

College visits

Lunch and Learn yesterday

great grand daughter born

hearing from Ken

Pat’s birthday

Deb’s birthday

Concerns from 8-8

Tom’s Uncle Charles in hospital

Rikki’s son sick

employers forcing vaccine

people coming down with covid


Joys from 8-1

Christa and family moved to TX after wildfire and husband found job

Deb’s birthday

Michelle’s birthday

Joy seeing Deb and Michelle today

Concerns from 8-1

Doreen flying to MS

Joe’s family had to put down dog

Michelle had to put down “Bones” the cat

Upsurge of Covid

Deb’s friend Sammy has bleeding on the brain and cancer


Uplift workers heading back to office

Prayers for our earth and nature

Prayers for all countries

Joys from 7-25

Pat spent time on with Dad and dogs on boat

Doreen flying to MS to see son


Chinedum is back at work

Concerns from 7-25

Doreen flying to MS

Pam’s elbow

Chinedum’s coworker’s father

upsurge in covid cases



Joys from 7-18

Starting our new time

Doreen son’s safely in MS

Berlin Fair coming

Pastor grateful to be here with us

Concerns from 7-18

Doreen’s son moving to MS

Rob and family in FL

FL condo collapse



Prayers for all nations’ leaders

Prayers for Afghan helpers left behind