Joys and Concerns

Joys from 6-6-2021

Paul's daughter is visiting here

Concerns from 6-6-2021

safe travels for Paul's daughter

Paul's family on anniversary of mom's death

Tom's uncle is in the hospital

Mill's family


What covid has done to our world

Joys from 5-30-2021

Pat D is home

Jeff's job is going well

Flowers in memory of Helen and Aunt Barbara

Concerns from 5-30-2021

Pat D

Steve's friend Pete

Deb's Aunt Barbara's family with her passing

Memorial Day - remember our fallen

Ruth friend

Doreen family burying mother

Joys from 5-23-2021

Pastor's daughters birthdays

Michelle and Paul at church

Val and Alex graduated

Nick graduating

Concerns from 5-23-2021

All people that have been affected by Covid

Prayers for the sick and shut-ins

Pat D

Doreen and family at service for her mother who died last year

All Graduates as they start new

Deb's Aunt Barbara in hospice

Joys from 5-16-2021

Jeff is starting new job

Nick's birthday

Danielle's birthday

Brandon graduating college

Dj (pastor's nephew) here today

Thanks for Jeremiah

Concerns from 5-16-2021

Doreen's family will be burying mother next weekend

Pat D

Middle East



Joys from 5-9-2021

Happy Mother's Day

All of Pastor's kids are covid free

Concerns from 5-9-2021

Michelle's cats are sick

For all who have mother's in heaven

Ralls family

Joys from 5-2-2021

Jake coming back to USA

Ruth's 95th birthday

Val graduating

Pat's family's cooking traditions carrying on

Concerns from 5-2-2021

Jake flying back and to be stationed at Camp LeJeune

Tito going on in school in Japan

Marty - Dad's passing and brother 2 mos. ago

Pastor's children

All battling covid

Kids needing hugs

India's struggle with covid

Deb's Aunt Barbara going to hospice care

Deb's Aunt Barbara's son needing pacemaker

Doreen's son and wife looking at moving out of state

Joys from 4-25-2021

Emily accepted at U of Rochester

Emily also starting new job

Spring has sprung!

Michelle with us today

Cathy and Steve with us today

Concerns from 4-25-2021

Prayers for Marie who wanted to end her life

Prayers for Michelle on her husband's anniversay of passing


Prayers for all sons of color

Melissa's grandmother

Paul who lost a leg

Students at end of school year

Graduating seniors

Alex to get job

Berlin Fair planning

All churches

All countries

Joys from 4-18-2021

Rob and Danielle's anniversary

Deb had racoons in chimney who moved out on their own

Doreen's grandson back to school this week

Concerns from 4-18-2021

Regina and Barry lost friend from dialysis

Youth's who have thoughts of suicide

Traveling mercies for Danielle's family

Shootings everywhere

Kerry with lose of cat


Deb - bite from tick

Pat D


Joys from 4-11-2021

Doreen's daughter Joy's birthday

Wonderful Easter service

Pastor's family

Deb - Cody and Chris's anniversary

Deb's friend feeling better

Concerns from 4-11-2021

Doreen's grandson broke his wrist

Waltz Family with passing of husband, father

Family of Pat's friend that lost their brother

Jeremiah home safely

Joys from 4-4-2021

All that are here on Easter

Thanks to Savanna making palm crosses last week

Melissa family here

Thanks to Deb for flowers

Chris's cousin had baby girl

Pastor thanks for Easter, new life, thanks for resurrection

Concerns from 4-4-2021

Wendy W. losing husband

Jeremiah and Chris in FL - travel mercies