Joys and Concerns

Joys from 4-4-2021

All that are here on Easter

Thanks to Savanna making palm crosses last week

Melissa family here

Thanks to Deb for flowers

Chris's cousin had baby girl

Pastor thanks for Easter, new life, thanks for resurrection

Concerns from 4-4-2021

Wendy W. losing husband

Jeremiah and Chris in FL - travel mercies


Joys from 3-28-2021

Pastor back safe

Tim's Birthday

Andrew's birthday

Melissa spent time with daughters

Pat spent time with Dad

Michele and Paul on line

Doreen spent time with grandson and friend

Nice weather

Concerns from 3-28-2021


Our country

Covid outbreaks around the world

Pat's friend going away

Deb's friend (NICU nurse) taking care of baby with covid

Chris's team dealing with covid

Mexico immigrant children

Youth easily influenced by media - pray for their spirit

Victims of shootings

Joys from 3-21-2021

Tom's aunt doing better

Snow storm missed us!

Butterfly bush coming to life

It's Spring!

Concerns from 3-21-2021

Amari family who lost a son

Guidance for people of Newburg in need

Deb's friends Chuck and Art had house fire

Pat - changes in life

Joys from 3-14-2021

Thanks to medical professionals 

Pat D’s birthday 

Nice to see people in church 

Nicer weather coming 

Concerns from 3-14-2021

Pat’s uncle Angelo had pacemaker put in

Prayers for our country

Prayer for our leaders

Prayers for out teachers and children

Prayers for Deb’s friend that lost daughter

Joys from 3-7-2021

Chris and Nick on zoom

Doreen's birthday

Tim and Doreen had second shot

Doreen's grandson's birthday

People getting vaccines

Not much damage to Tom's cousin's house

Deb's son David has new puppy

Chris's cousin expecting baby in Aug

Concerns from 3-7-2021

Gail holding her own right now

Tree fell on Tom's cousin's house

Tom's aunt having foot problems

Palmer with cancer

Health and strength for everyone

Joys from 2-28-2021

Paul's daughter Bernadette moving to Las Vegas

Deb's son Jeff and Olivia came for surprise visit

Concerns from 2-28-2021


All struggling from effects caused by Covid

Michele's back

Paul's daughter Cheryl and grandson

Olivia - teacher working with troubled kids

Our country

Leaders around the world

Texas and weather issues

Joys from 2-21-2021

Aircraft engine failure resulted in no injuries

Less snow than expected

Pastor's son helping with snow removal

finding new joys

Concerns from 2-21-2021

Our country


Opening of church


Gary and all snow removal people

Everyone we don't see online

Joys from 2-14-2021

Thanks to Tom's neighbor for plowing at church

Thanks to Tom, Kathy and Pat for clearing snow

Tim thanks Tom for fixing snowblower

Deb thanks Pastor for prayer

Thanks for vaccine to fight covid

Prayers for our loved ones

Concerns from 2-14-2021

Pat asks prayers for Stannard family on lose of loved one

Tim's dog is going blind

Prayers for our country

Prayers for those unemployed

Pastor asks prayers for his children

Prayers for all who have lost loved ones to covid

Prayers for Valerie in her senior year applying for med school







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